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1. Make sure your quilt top and backing fabric are as squared up as possible.

2. Ensure your backing fabric is at least 5” wider on each side than your top. For example, if your quilt is 50” x 60”, your backing needs to be at least 60” x 70”. It can be bigger, but not smaller.

3. Do not include embellishments on your quilt such as buttons, zippers, etc. These must be attached by you after quilting is done.

4. Trim all loose threads from your quilt top.

5. Press your quilt seams and quilt top well. Press your backing fabric and seams, also. Backing fabric selvedges should be removed. I will press out minor wrinkles from shipping before quilting.

6. If your quilt top and/or backing are directional, please label the top center of the quilt and the backing fabric.

7. Do not baste your quilts. They top, batting, and backing are loaded onto the machine separately.

8. Place your folded quilt top, backing fabric, and batting (if you are including it) in a plastic bag inside the box you send me to help protect your work from accidents during shipping.