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About the Bobbin

Amy Larkin

Hi! My name is Amy Larkin. I’m a wife (to my amazing husband Lance), a mom (to a magnificent daughter and brand new real estate agent named Elizabeth), a former accountant (who is happy that she can add “former” to that title), a quilter and quilt pattern designer (yay), and a fierce child advocate. I live in Texas with Lance, my dogs Lucy and Maverick, and my cat Dixie.

I have been quilting for over a decade now. I started sewing when I saw a bag online that I wanted to make. The bag turned out terrible, but like many of you, I got bit by the sewing bug. I kept looking for a creative outlet and eventually found that I absolutely love quilting. I am completely self-taught and owe so very much to the online bloggers and YouTubers that I visited online over the years.

I recently fell in love with long-arm quilting and decided to turn this hobby into a full-time career. I work on an Innova M28 and offer computerized edge-to-edge quilting. Pierce is on a twelve-foot frame and can accommodate up to a king-sized quilt. I hope to offer custom computerized quilting in the near future, too. In addition, I am working on a super-secret, just between you and me, line of quilt patterns that I will launch out into the world very soon, so be on the lookout for that.

I would be remiss if I didn’t also tell you about the volunteer work I do, which is just as important to me as the quilting that I do. I am passionate about helping change the child welfare system by volunteering my time and efforts. I currently serve as a volunteer Guardian Ad Litem with CASA and as a co-founder, board member, and Secretary & Treasurer of Foster Village DFW.

I look forward to working with you and can’t wait to start quilting your next project!

Pierce, my Innova M28 Beast

This is Pierce.  He’s my trusty workhorse, an Innova M28 Longarm Quilting Machine.  Pierce sits on a 12′ frame and can accommodate quilts from baby size to king size.  When you book your quilt, let me know in the Message field why you think his name is Pierce.  I love to hear the theories!

To see more of what Pierce and I can do for you, check out my available designs.  If I don’t have what you’re looking for posted, I still might have it.  Just ask.

To see more of what Pierce has been up to lately, you can see some recent work here.